Make Money Selling Wedding Cookies in Houston, TX

Wedding Cookies Business

More and more couples are now looking for alternative wedding dessert apart from traditional cake. Cookies are one of those desserts and snack that is perfect for wedding. Wedding cookies in Houston, TX is also ideal for party favors. If you are into baking then this product will make a perfect business for you.

3Before starting your business see to it that you can bake properly. It is not good to sold burned cookies. You might want to consider practicing to achieve perfection. You can start baking for your home party. Try baking different cookies, if you have your own recipe the better so that you can find ingredients at your local supermarket. Also, you can try those recipes published online.

There are various types of cookies that is perfect for wedding. The very known cookies that is being serve in a wedding or other parties is the party cookies. It is large and round with decorative stuff on top. The most common party cookie is the chocolate chips. This is ideal for kids party or other informal gathering. If you are planning to include this in your business you can create other variation like oatmeal and raisin, peanut butter, mocha, vanilla and a lot more. Wedding cookies in Houston, TX can be decorated with initial of the couple. You just need to top it with royal icing or fondant and paint the initial of the married couple. Another cookies that is perfect for business are the heart shapes. This can be use for wedding and valentine’s party. To make it look 3D you can top it with melted mallows and once cold deep it in a melted chocolate.

It is important that you consider the presentation. You can use decorative wrapper and ribbons for packaging or simple use to-go boxes. If you’re aiming to cater bulk orders then you need sturdy boxes. This will couple of cookies without ripping. There are hundreds of designs that you can download online. It can be customized too which means that you can put your business name there and the logo.

In order to reach potential clients you need to advertise your product through print ads or online directory. However, if you don’t have sufficient you can use free platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter, wordpress, tumblr and a lot more. They provide free subdomain which can be use to show your products. You don’t need to be savvy in order to do online marketing. Just keep your page updated and potential customer will automatically follow you.

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